The Quickest Way to Burn Stomach Fat

Everyone wants to know the quickest way to burn stomach fat. Stomach fat can be stubborn and worst, it is one of the risk factors for all types of chronic conditions including:

  • Heart disease
  • Certain cancers
  • Diabetes

That being said, the desire to get rid of stomach fat should not be driven only by dreams of looking good; better health should be the driving force behind getting rid of stomach fat.

There are many recommendations for getting rid of stomach fat that include all types of diets, regimens and exercises. However, let’s concentrate on one way that you can burn stomach fat, and that is by eating healthy foods in the right amounts. When you do this, not only will you burn stomach fat, but you will be on the way to a lifetime of better health. A bonus is that you may be able to postpone some of the harmful effect of stomach fat by avoiding those conditions associated with it.

Eat fewer calories

Everyone knows that you must burn more calories than you consume if you want to get rid of any kind of fat. This may be the single quickest way to burn stomach fat. It takes 3500 calories to make up a pound. If you want to lose a pound, you must burn 3500 calories. Suppose you eat around 3000 calories per day and your weight is pretty stable–you have not gained or lost weight in a while, but one day you look into the mirror and see that your waist is a little thick. Consider lopping off 500 calories each day (seven days a week), and you should see your weight drop. Generally when people reduce caloric intake by 500-1000 calories a day, they will lose 1-2 pounds per week which is a safe range for weight loss. Fat loss will occur all over the body, including the stomach. This is the simplest way begin if you are wondering how to lose belly fat fast.

Eat foods that boost fat loss

There is research that shows that people who consume low-fat calcium-rich dairy products and foods with healthy monounsaturated fat. The list includes:

  • Lowfat milk
  • Greek yogurt
  • Olive oil
  • Walnuts
  • Avocado

Adding these foods to a healthy weight-loss plan is a win-win. In addition to burning fat, calcium in low-fat milk and yogurt grows strong bones, and healthy fats are good for the skin and hair. Adding these foods to your diet can also be the quickest way to burn stomach fat.

Give up the soft drinks for water

It is not unusual to hear a person say that they gave up soft drinks and lost 20-40 pounds in a year–mostly from the stomach. This is because soft drinks are loaded with sugar and when extra sugar calories are stored they tend to settle in the stomach area as fat. You can easily consume 1600 calories without eating if you are drinking the following liquids throughout the day:

  • Soft drinks
  • Fruit juice
  • Fruit juice drinks with added sugar
  • Designer coffees from a coffee shop

Water has no calories and moves through the body pulling excess fluid with it. It can remove toxins and help your digestive system work better. Less fluid around the waist also provides a slimmer appearance.

Hold the salt

Excess salt can contribute to bloating around the waist because salt retains fluid. Reducing your salt intake along with eating healthy foods and drinking water will all work together to help you get the waistline you want fast.