Persistence: The Best Kept Secret of Weight Loss Diets


How many different diets have you tried in the last 2 years? If the answer is more than two, you are missing out on the best kept secret in weight loss diets.

Why Don’t I See Lasting Results with my Diet?

This is a key question! When something doesn’t work right away, or work for a long period of time, people begin to think that the diet they are following simply doesn’t work. This in it itself is a huge problem. Nothing works right away, and nothing works continuously. As humans are bodies function in cycles and our bodies adapt causing us to lose a lot of weight at one point, not at all at another, gain a little bit of weight and then lose it again.

However if you are consistent with your diet, the overall trend of your weight will be down and you will get closer to the results you are looking for.

How Come Others See Better Weight loss Results doing the same things as me?

You can’t compare your results to others. Your bodies, are different. Maybe you started at different points in the weight loss journey, or maybe someone has genetics that allow them to adapt faster than you. Comparing your results to others is a recipe for feeling lousey and thinking that your program/diet isn’t working. Instead make comparisons for yourself based on where you were previously. For example, where were you 2 weeks, a month, 6 months or even a year ago? Odds are if you stayed disciplined and followed your plan, you’ve made progress, and that progress is probably great enough that you didn’t even imagine it possible at that point a year ago.


Be Nice to Yourself, but not too nice

This is important! You need to recognize your accomplishments and pat yourself on the back once in a while. People tend to self adjust their goals to higher and higher states as they make progress thus making their goals unattainable.

To solve this, make a goal, write it down, and then celebrate when you reach it. Don’t immediately set another goal, but don’t take too much time off that you get complacent. Keep working on your health and weight and you will be amazed at what you achieved.

Weight loss is tough especially with all the beautiful people shoved down our throats through the media on a daily basis. One weight loss plan I do recommend is following a Ketogenic Diet. This diet work incredibly well and I can personally vouch for it. Take a chance and make a commitment to following a diet plan for the next 6 months. You will be happy that you did.