Ketogenic Diet Menu for Weight Loss

Once you’ve decided to follow a Ketogenic Diet to as your diet of choice for weight loss. You are probably looking for some easy recipes to create a ketogenic diet menu for weight loss. Below you will find a few quick an easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will keep you satisfied while maintaining the proper macro’s for your ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic Breakfast:

Breakfast is probably one of the most keto friendly meals that you will eat all day. Here are some sample meals that are a great choice!


  1. Eggs and Bacon.
    YES! You can eat bacon and you should! It’s a great way to get the fat your body needs first thing in the morning. Fry up a couple of eggs in some olive oil, cook some bacon(I like to do it in the oven) and enjoy.
    Eggs and bacon are easy and keto friendly.
  2. Butter Coffee. This is a liquid meal. Brew some fresh ground coffee and blend it with butter and MCT oil. If you really need some extra calories, mix some heavy cream into your concoction, it’s delicious and this meal will easily carry you throughout the morning.


Ketogenic Lunch

My favorite keto lunch is a Chicken Salad. This is a great one that you can get at basically any grocery store from the deli section. I typically like to order a pound of chicken salad for lunch. Not only does this taste great, it’s easy on the wallet and fills me up.

Another great lunch option are lettuce wrap sandwiches. Just think of almost any of your favorite sandwiches only wrapped in lettuce instead of bread. Add some olive oil mayo, meat of your choice and a delicious oil based dressing and you will easily get the proper nutrition you need from these sandwiches. Jot down ideas to add to your ketogenic diet for weight loss.


Ketogenic Dinner

This is where the fun begins. Think of great meats, great veggies and amazing savory sauces.

I really like classic steak and asparagus combinations with a creamy sauce that either has Parmesan or some other cheese melted into it. Ultimately what your looking for here is a meal that will fill you up and not wanting desert.

If you are craving come carbs mash some cauliflower and make it like mashed potatoes! It’s a great substitute, it’s keto friendly and will help you reach your goals.

Wrapping up Your Menu

Remember to have fun with your diet. Learn the macros of your staple foods so that you can easily create recipes for yourself. Half the fun of the ketogenic diet is not counting calories. Eat as much as you want, just keep your macros in check and I guarantee you will reach your weight loss goals in no time.

Every time you make a new creation add it to your own ketogenic diet menu so that you always have a reference to go back to. Soon you will have so many recipes that you love and are diet friendly, you will never be eating the same thing two days in a row.